6455 Fallsview Boulevard
Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3V9
(905) 357-5444

Brunch at iHop (International House of Pancakes). Despite the name, I did not go for the pancakes since they look really normal to me so I had the following instead.

Bacon Temptation Omelette + hashbrown
Loaded with six strips of crispy bacon, a rich cheese sauce, Jack and Cheddar cheeses and diced tomatoes.

SO GOOD! Love omelettes especially with cheese! I think after I had this, I was full for the next 7 hours.

The others ordered the Breakfast Sampler,
Two eggs, two bacon strips, two pork sausage links, two pieces of ham, hash browns and two fluffy buttermilk pancakes.

This breakfast sampler was such a great deal compared to everything else on the menu. It was quite pricey at around $15 but it was definitely more worth it than the 2x2x2 (Two eggs with two buttermilk pancakes and two crispy bacon strips or two savory pork sausage links) that a friend ordered which was around the same price.

I tried a bite of the pancake and like what I thought, not that spectacular or maybe it’s just me. Let me know if you’ve tried and you thought it was good though.

Strawberry Banana French Toast
Six French toast triangles with cool strawberries, fresh banana slices and whipped cream.

Not quite sure how this taste but it looks good. 🙂

91st post!


2 thoughts on “iHOP

  1. This IHOP is the worst one! They jack up the prices and serve not-so-great food. Damned Niagara Falls!

    The best ones I’ve eaten in were in US cities, not in tourist attraction areas!

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