Raa visit #2

Raa Uptown Sushi & Sake Bar
4848 Yonge St
Toronto, ON
M2N 5N2

So after having a “decent” meal at Raa just a couple of months ago (my first visit @ Raa), I thought I would revisit again. Having said that, a Groupon deal came up for $17, you get $35 worth. With the 50% off deal, why not give it another try? I read a couple of others’ posts talking about Raa and it sounded like they all had pretty bad experiences…. Hmm.

To start off, we got the complimentary scallop salad. Nothing too extraordinary but better than just ordinary cold veggie salad.

While I like squid, we got the Spicy Ikka. The sauce was good but I thought it was quite similar to the grilled squids that I normally eat at AYCEs.

Philadelphia Roll ($8.50) with smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, wasabi tobiko.

I was expecting some cool looking sushi roll considering the price but nope, it looked super plain and tasted just as plain. Sakura’s hurricane roll was A LOT better. The roll tasted like a block of cream cheese wrapped in rice. Just making a small tweet to make the roll more appealing would have been more money-worthy.

Lastly, we got the chirashi since we didn’t want to go for just the sashimis.
It was normal, not extraordinary again and I’ve had better at less expensive places.

The bill came up to $34 before tax (yes for meeting the $35 deal value). To wrap things up, I agreed with other bloggers’ opinion. I swear my first visit was better! Not sure what happened…if it was the kitchen or the food or the japan tragedy? For whatever reason, I think twice is enough for me.


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