Enoteca Sociale

Enoteca Sociale
1288 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M6J 1X7
(416) 534-1200

Enoteca Sociale, some say it’s by far the best Italian restos while others thought otherwise to not revisit again.

With a group of 8 people, it was difficult for us to make a reservation, causing us to wait for a month just to get this one. Upon arrival, we noticed the place quite small, and we were seated in their cellar in the basement where all the wine and cheese were stored. Pretty cool actually.

To start off, we ordered some red wine (totally do not remember the name of it, recommended by waiter) and some complimentary bread.

For antipastis, we ordered the
Ontario Buffalo Mozzarella in Carrozza, Anchovies, Pickled Shallots & Parsley $12.
Mmmm SO GOOD!! The mozzarella complimented perfectly with the anchovies and carrozza. Definitely better than the grilled octopus below. =P

Grilled Octopus, Swiss Chard, New Potato & Chili Pepper $12.
My friend who had ordered this dish was referred by someone who had said “this dish was to die for!” but my friend did not agree entirely. Good but not to die for. Very flavourful as I took a small bite out of it.

Lamb, Quail, Capicollo, House made Fennel & Black Pepper Sausage (Bomba & Mostarda) $29
Before the pastas, my carnivore friend ordered this MEAT dish, He liked it but found it a bit messy to eat. Everything was very meaty and saucey. They commented that the sausage was delicio!

For pastas, we each got a different kind to try.
House Made Pappardelle, Ontario Goat Ragu $16.
The pasta was house-made, very fresh! I also thought the goat ragu was quite strong and it would have been slightly better if there was a tiny bit more tomato sauce.

Spaghetti Carbonara (pancetta, egg, tellicherry black cherry & pecorino) $15.
Was amazingly good! If I were to come back to this restaurant again, I would totally pick this Carbonara. The sauce was just right; not too much that you can still taste the freshiness of the spaghetti. The chewy pancetta within the pasta unquestionably gave the kick to this dish!

Bucatini All’Amatriciana (spicy tomato & guanciale) $15.
I liked the guanciale again here. Can’t recall the taste of this but pretty sure if it was good.

Knowing they have a cheese room just right behind your table, we opted out and went for desserts instead,
Chocolate Budino, Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Hazelnut Meringue $8 & Ricotta Tiramisu (orange zest & prosecco) $8
Although the budino was interested as it was sprinkled with sea salt but personally, I thought the tiramisu was a lot better.

The bill came up to around $300-350 for the 5 of us and cute enough, the bill also came with an Enoteca Sociale postcard.

Will probably revisit again. I liked how their pastas were so fresh. To those who are a fan of Alice Fazooli’s, Enoteca may not be your type of Italian pasta as their approach seemed to be going for the freshiness of the pasta and less of the sauce.
Different people have different tastes so it’s best for you to try it out yourself.

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