Saigon Star

Saigon Star Restaurant
330 Hwy 7 E
Richmond Hill, ON
(905) 731-7221

First post of Saigon Star after visiting many many times.

Below are some of the stuff that I have ordered throughout my most recent visits:

Sour Seafood Noodles

The soup base was very appetizing from the sourey flavour. There were also a lot of noodles in it with a mix of seafood such as calamari, shrimp and mussels.

Raw Beef Pho

It’s just like all other phos but this one tasted a bit sweeter for some reason.

White Sweet and Sour BONELESS Duck Feet

Never really liked chicken or duck feet but this is the only type that I eat…it’s boneless! Adore the sweet and sour sauce. This dish was also very appetizing. It’s a great snack/ side dish to have!

Beef Brisket Green Curry Pot + Naan

This dish came super late…not sure why it took forever since the beef brisket and green curry should be premade already? After it came, the Naan never showed up. We had to call for our server at least 3 times before the naan actually arrived. When it finally came, the curry was already cold but nonetheless still good. Would have been better if the curry was thicker.

Grilled lamb chops

One of their famous dishes. It was well-marinated. So delicious that I can eat the whole plate myself.

Curry Crab

Another famous dish of theirs. I normally don’t eat crabs since taking their shells off are always tedious. Nonetheless, it was tasty, the curry was really good with the crab and my family loved it.

I would say Saigon Star is one of the best Southeastern restaurants I’ve been! 🙂

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