Cho Sun Ok

Cho Sun Ok
7353 Yonge St
Markham, ON
(905) 707-8426

With the weather extremely hot for the past few weeks, Korean noodles (naeng myun) is definitely a “cooler”! It literally drops your temperature by at least 10 degrees to a point that it makes you shiver! According to Toronto Star, “Naeng myun is a traditional dish from what is now North Korea. It consists of a loose knot of thin, chewy buckwheat noodles surrounded by cold beef broth with a lightly tangy, pickled radish flavour. The bowl is garnished with daikon radish, Asian pear, cucumber, a boiled egg, sesame seeds and either gochujang (spicy red pepper paste) or hot mustard, or sometimes both. Cho Sun Ok’s noodles are made of chik, or kudzu root (often translated as Japanese arrowroot), while most rivals serve buckwheat noodles. Both types of noodles are dark and chewy although Park (the owner) firmly believes in the healthful properties of chik, saying it can aid anything from menopausal symptoms to a hangover”.

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This is how the noodles look like


Slushy ice beef broth + buckwheat noodles + pickled radish + asian pear (so good and refreshing!) + cucumber + boiled egg + sesame seeds + spicy red pepper. Our combo also came with dumplings or calbi and also side dishes.



The combo was $14-$17 (depending on dumpling or calbi), a bit on the pricier side. The noodles itself would be $9. But definitely worth it during the summer time~.

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