c5, summerlicious

C5 Restaurant Lounge
100 Queen’s Park

Love the architectural design of ROM by Daniel Libeskind! Most of his works are all about the shape of crystals or triangles .
Their lunch menu was rather similar to the dinner but the price was $20 in difference. so obviously I went for the better deal. 🙂 Overall, I liked it a lot. Quick and friendly service along with nice decors and presentations of delicious food.

I adore their utensils! It matches well with their architectural theme so eloquently.

Theie summerlicious menu below,

Started off with a Summer Berry Soda to cool down from the heat. Very refreshing and complimented well with the food.


Air cured Coppa
Crostini, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic, pecorino, summer seedlings

Super like the Coppa!

Albacore Tuna
Mango & mint salad, soy reduction

I didn`t get to try this but from what I heard, my friend said it was very refreshing and especially liked the mango in the salad.

Pork Shoulder
Polenta, chorizo cacciatore, pine nuts, olives & baby spinach

Lake Erie Whitefish
Smoked tomato vinaigrette, Ontario asparagus, green beans, pattypan squash

I forgot the name of the orange sauce – it was so delicious though. Never had it with whitefish before. Again, it worked well with the heat temperature.

Chocolate Mousse Cake
Aerated milk chocolate, chocolate snow, caramelized white chocolate, vanilla tuile

Panna Cotta
Caramel, sea salt brittle

I didn`t really like the caramel inside the panna cotta but nonetheless it was good. Not too sweet at my favourite. The sea salt brittle was quite interested to be sprinkled on top, great contrast.

Would visit again for summerlicious lunch (price and convenience). Apparently, they are only opened for Thursday – Sunday for dinners so make sure you double-check before you arrive. Very sophisticated place. I liked it a lot!

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