Canoe, Summerlicious 2011 lunch

66 Wellington St W, 54th Floor, Toronto Dominion Bank Tower
Toronto, Ontario

Have tried Canoe last year for summerlicious dinner so figured I should try it for lunch as well and to enjoy the view.  The lunch price is a much better value than dinner after seeing a few pictures from my friends where their meals and portions were quite the same as what I had for lunch.

Click to view Canoe’s $25 summerlicious lunch menu..

My friend and I basically picked the best items on the menu so aside from the appetizer, we both had the same main and dessert. 🙂

Chilled Holland Marsh Leek & Potato Soup

I had the Ontario Bufala Mozzarella with Sweet Peas, Celery & Honey Glazed Walnuts. YUMS. Love the mozzarella and look at how cute the peas are. So eloquently displayed.

Wellington County Flatiron Steak with Smashed Cookstown Fingerling Potatoes, Corn & Wild Leek Aioli.
Flatiron STEAK…this is not a FULL steak. More like slices of steaks. But it was really tender and delicious! Wish there was more to this.

Lemon Thyme & Apricot Semifreddo with Almond Nougatine.
I thought the semifreddo was quite interesting. My first time having this. Basically it’s warm on the outside and cool in the inside.

All in all, Small portions but it’s lunch so I’m satisfied. And great view. I have yet to come here and try their non-licious dinners. For the price you are paying, it’s essentially going to the view and decorated looking food.


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