Bannock is part grab-and-go café, part coffee shop, and part dine-in restaurant.
Bannock was part of the Oliver Bonacini group (canoe, jump, auberge du pommier..etc). It is relatively new, just situated across from the old City Hall, near the Eaton’s Centre.

Came here with my girls for lunch on a Friday, unfortunately no reservations were allowed but arrived early enough to get ourselves a table. Their menu was actually quite condensed (both lunch and dinner on one). Nice shape of the menu though, it reminded me of an open unrolled “bannock” which means “a round flatbread traditionally cooked on a griddle or a stone; brought to Canada through Scottish explorers and traders, adapted by INdigenous people and settlers” according to their definition.

My friend tried their bannock the other day and I also took a peek at the table next to me in which they had ordered…it didn’t seem attractive to me; looked rather normal like a calzone. So I went for the Pickerel Taco + Cucumber Apple Salad instead with a steamed bun and caviar tartar ($11)

It looked quite simply but delicious! I especially like the sauce and the apple cucumber salad. The pickerel and the sauce complemented well with the steamed bun! I would say this was just enough for lunch.

My friend went for the Pasta of the Day , in which I can’t remember what exactly it is, she said it wasn’t bad.

For desserts, we had the Canoe Fireweed Butter Tart $8. A tip for this butter tart is to order it at GRAB-AND-GO area  – it was only $3.08 there! RIP OFF to have it in the restaurant! I’ve read reviews that it was really amazing but I guess the baker slipped a bit this time, I thought it was a tad too dried.

Warm S’mores Pie $8

My friend said it was very chocolatey and too much marshmellow. I guess it works if you are a chocolate lover.

I found another foodie who had made a post on Bannock and her taco + apple cucumber salad looked rather different than mine and she described her butter tart as super amazing. So I’m not sure if it’s because I came for lunch or what…. but I can tell things aren’t very consistent at Bannock.

401 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2Y4

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