Grazie Ristorante
9100 Jane St.
Vaughan, Ontario

After a long day of shopping, we stopped by Grazie for dinner. Bf said it was packed the other WEEKnight that he came so we arrived just before the rush on the weekend to get a seat. The ambiance was alright, very classy and wooden. Services were also friendly and attentive.

We started off with the  Cozze Portofino – Fresh mussels steamed in a light tomato sauce.
It was scrumptious! The mussels were cooked just right as I could tell that they were not too shrunk (over-cooked). The sauce was cooked as right as well. On a side note, for some reason mussels are so expensive when having it at a restaurant when they are only $1-$2 per lb at a supermarket! I can easily make this same dish with less than $5 (depending on wine).

Bf had the TASCA. It is a fresh pasta filled with ricotta, spinach, mushrooms & brie baked in a creamy tomato porcini sauce. Would definitely come back for this! It isn’t any simple pasta but it was crafted at best with the pasta wrapped around the stuffing eloquently. The pasta was also served hot, the temperature inside the wrap was evenly distributed.

I ordered the Napoletana – Linguini with shrimps & clams ($15). Very simple but good; not too saucy or liquidy and filling! Look at the number of shrimps and clams they provided! I liked.

Will definitely come back again. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Grazie

  1. You went to the Vaughan one – I have heard that it’s nothing compared to the one at Yonge & Eg.

    The Yonge & Eg one gets packed right around 7pm, and we were lucky to eat there on a busy Saturday at 8pm. 🙂 Try that one out and compare the two – it’s an amazing place to eat regardless.

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