126 Willowdale Avenue
North York, ON
M2N 4Y2
(416) 224-8881

This is a super delayed post. My friend had brought me to Inakaya that is located close to a residential area and hidden along Sheppard Ave. Inakaya reminded me of izakaya places but with sashimis and sushis. This place was packed!

The seats were tightly placed with no more than 20 seats in the restaurant. You can literally hear your neighbour’s conversation. Luckily, we sat near the sushi bar because the waitress noticed that we had cameras and wanted to give us the best lighting.

We started off with Sake… I can`t remember the name of this sake but what was interesting about this place was the friendly waitress came by with a tray of sake cups and we got to pick our own cup. 🙂

We then ordered the Beef amiyaki. There is a choice of the expensive kobe beef but I was fine with the normal beef. I loved the way how this was presented and that I can decide how well-cooked my beef can be! Quite similar to STONEGRILL. This was delicious, the beef was juicy and I got to try the beef in different levels of it’s “cooked-ness”.

Next, we ordered the Sushi Moriawase, basically a plate of assorted sushi. It had several types of sushis, such as Salmon, Tuna, Toro, Shrimp, Ikura, Unagi, Salmon Roe and 6 pieces of tuna makis. The best was the Toro and Salmon roe!! So good!

Rock and Roll. Fried sushi roll with shrimp tempura, salmon, avocado and eel sauce. Nothing too spectacular with this roll aside from the droplet shape. Someone around us ordered this other roll which came in flames, thought it was kinda cool! That will be a must-try next time.

I’m a geoduck fan so for something warm, we went for the mirugai geo duck clam. It was alright… I still like the raw geoducks more though.

Grilled kanburi with teriyaki sauce. The kanburi tasted similar to salmon and blackcod.

Last and as usual, I like to end my meal with udon. Udons were chewy and the broth was flavoured with dashi and served hot, and simple. Just the way I like it.

Overall, great experience. I liked the sushis… will try the sashimi next time. The beef amiyaki will be a re-ordered for sure. Will visit again!

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