Osteria Ciceri e Tria

For my birthday celebration this year, my friends and I decided to go to Osteria Ciceri e Tria (let`s just stick with Osteria for now). Not really sure what the name really means and even Google Translate couldn`t help. Osteria basically means Tavern. Osteria was also owned by the infamous Terroni.

Osteria was a cozy little Italian restaurant just a few minutes walk from Eaton centre. The crowd in the restaurant was relatively loud with seats tightly spaced together. The menu changes daily and I went for the five antipasti + primo + secondo for $35.

I ordered the Spritz – campari prosecco soda to start off. It was refreshing for the set of meal that I ordered.

The daily 5 antipastis were (starting from top left clockwise)…
TORTA DI PATATE – potato, sausage and rapini savoury pie – this was my second fav!
RICOTTA E PERA – poached pears with ricotta and roasted walnuts
POLPETTE – deep fried meatballs in tomato sauce with pecorino
NA COSETTA DAL MARE – a little something from the sea – this one was my fav!
INSALATA DI CARCIOFI – fresh artichoke salad with green peas and pecorino shavings

All was great! I like trying little dishes here and there. 🙂

ORECCHIETTE CON CIME DI RAPA – handmade orecchiette with rapini, anchovies, chili, bread crumbs and garlic. I enjoyed it a lot since it complimented well with all the other antipastis and my drink. I especially liked the rapini, I don’t normally like that type of vegetables but with this pasta, it added a great texture and kick to it!

BISTECCHINA ALLA GRIGLIA – Beef tenderloin with rosemary and sea salt. This is my secondo and I was full already. Nothing too special about this dish but I do have to say that the beef was really tender and I enjoyed the pinch of sea salt with it.

My friends had the FETTUCCINE CON TARTUFO – Handmade fettuccine with prsciutto and chantrelle mushrooms in a butter and parmigiano sauce with fresh shavings of truffles. She said it was great, lots of mushrooms and I smell the truffles across the table.

Lastly, my TRIOS OF GELATO with raspberry, tiramisu and hazelnut. Hazelnut was the best!!! Super delicious! My favourite gelato definitely concluded my night at it’s best!

Overall, I thought the place was decent. Not too too pricey and it offers a variety of selections.I liked the way how they have an assortment of antipastis and that you can have the maximum combo with $35 only. In terms of the pasta, it wasn’t the best I’ve had but the price seemed relatively standard.

Osteria Ciceri e Tria
106 Victoria Street
416 504 1992

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