609 King Street West, Toronto

The name is pronounced as verst. A post from Blog TO have some great pictures of the interior and a better description of what Wvrst is all about, http://www.blogto.com/restaurants/wvrst-toronto .

We came to Wvrst after our dinner at Scarpetta for some drinks as it was just down the street. This place was known for its variety of sausages. And I concur! There is no doubt that WVRST is a “sausage hall and other wonders”. There were at least 10 different types of sausages on the menu from Brazilian to italian to Calabrese and lamb to turkey ones! Here’s the link to their menu for more details, http://wvrst.com/includes/wvrst_menu.pdf .

We came in on a Saturday night where a hockey game was going on so it was packed. The crowd was young and engaged with the game. We were seated on these high wooden bar chairs and greeted with menus. When you are ready to order, you simply go up to the cashier to order and pay and they will give you a number to be placed on your table.

Ordered the Dirty Fries with peppers, jalapenos and sautéed onions topped with a WVRST special sauce. It was greasy but delicious.

I got the Cider Beer. It was different and unique. It tasted very light and a great match with the weather.

More fries and sausages. For the sausage, you can pick a hot-dog style or just sliced up. We had the Bratwvrst which was veal, pork and wine from Germany; Italian, the pork, Sicilian fennel and Mergues that was spicy lamb and harissa.

Will probably come back again for a snack and to watch a game with the crowd! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Wvrst

  1. Wvrst is awesome. I got the dirty duck fat fries the first time too, and regular duck fat fries the second time and I *much* prefer the regular duck fat fries.

    Also, try the more exotic game meats next time, they’re great, especially duck and elk!

    • agree. i like their big screen for games and all that. i’ll try their regular duck fat fries and all the other exotic meats too then. =)

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