Sorrel Restaurant
84 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1B9

Sorrel is located in the heart of Yorkville, serving French Mediterranean food infusing international influences. Sorrel is an underground narrow yet cozy cuisine. My group came here for a late-night dinner since it was difficult to get a reservation for 10 people together.  Upon arrival, we were welcomed by a small jazz band and a singer that was already entertaining the customers within.

For Tapas, my group had the following…
Grilled baby octopus salad, tomato cilantro relish ($12)
I quite liked it. The octopus was chewy but I especially liked the sauce in the salad. This picture reminded me of this video, do you dare to try this? I would!

We had the Fried calamari, chilli aioli($14) to share. My group liked it a lot. The aioli was spicy so it had a good kick at it.

Bufala mozzarella, vine-ripened tomato, basil, olive oil ($16)
I didn’t get to try this but my friend commented it being normal. The mozzarella looks good though!

Spaghettini alla bolognese, kobe beef, berkshire pork, napolitana tomato sauce ($22)
As it was a late dinner, I had actually taken a small bite from home already so I shared this plate with the bf. Can you believe this is a SHARED portion?? The waitress kindly split the dish to 2 plates for us. I was glad that we shared this because the whole portion was way too big!

Tagliatelle, fresh lobster, sweet peas and pancetta cream ($24)
My friend commented that the pancetta cream was really good and you can’t really go wrong with lobsters.

Sorrel also offers Customized Pasta, where you can pick your own toppings. I can’t remember what my friend ordered aside from from truffles. It looked pretty good from the picture though.

The price seems decent knowing the area that this restaurant is at. But would I come back again? Maybe not. Since nothing amazing stood out to me aside from the jazz band and singer. Other than that, I think a try is good enough.

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