Bohemian Gastropub

Bohemian Gastropub – CLOSED
571 Queen St W (E of Bathurst)
Toronto, ON

This is a delayed post from November 2011, because I just realized that Bohemian Gastropub is now CLOSED according to Yelp and! Well…I’m not THAT surprised. But I did remember seeing a deal from them on Groupon or some sort, I hope people got their money back.

Anyways…. My friends and I dropped by Bohemian Gastropub for brunch while we were having a mini photoshoot for his brewing beer blog site; his Facebook site, Gurrback Brew Blog. His site focuses on craft beer and home brewing so he needed a number of photos to be featured on the site. And of course, Bohemian meets that criteria of his theme to be vintage and sort of beer-related.

Brunch Menu (click to view full size).

The service here was EXTREMELY SLOW!!! It took us almost 3 hours to have a BRUNCH! To help us get distracted from being too hungry, we were snapping pictures here and there, but it clearly didn’t help and the wait still seemed to be so long! A table of two even left the place due to the long wait.

From what I saw, there was only 1 waiter, not sure if he was also the chef but this place on a Sunday afternoon definitely lacked the human power. Aside from the slow service, I thought the food wasn’t too bad (or we were just too hungry). We had the…

Spatzle mushroom pancake ($9) – splitzle, mushrooms, poached eggs, hollandaise.

mmmmm… This pancake was so good! Not like any other ordinary pancake but they are sliced up like fries with a delicious spread of hollandaise similar to a Benedict.

German apple pancakes ($9) – caramelized apple, rosemary syrup, smoked bacon.

This dish was commented to be a little bit too sweet but it seemed quite unique to me to mix apple and bacon with pancakes.

Hunter’s breakfast ($11) – two eggs, country sausage, double smoked bacon, chive latkes.

Nothing too special about this. Haha. Just a basic home-made breakfast. Most expensive one yet took the longest!

All-in-all, aside from the super slow service and not being apologetic with the delay, I thought everything else was fine.

The Bohemian Gastropub on Urbanspoon


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