One day, my mom showed me a Chinese magazine featuring Scarpetta and asked if I have tried this place yet. Surprisingly, yes! I just went the day before. This article actually made me realized more about the restaurant such as the origin of the name.

“Scarpetta” in Italian means “small shoe”, which also means the action of using a small piece of bread to scrape the last bit of sauce on a dish! Although some may take this action as impolite but it also signifies how delicious the dish is. Hence, even the logo of the restaurant looks similar to the scraping motion. Scarpetta is within Thompson Hotel (along with Wabora); very sleek and modern decor with warm-toned lights around.

For starters, we had the
TUNA “SUSCI” – marinated vegetables & preserved truffles ($18). I liked it a lot! The tuna was very fresh and I especially the vegetables and truffles wrapped within, giving it some texture.

CRISPY FRITTO MISTO – seafood, vegetables, herbs & lemon ($17). The portion was bigger than we thought. I liked how the vegetables were fried up/crsipy yet not too oily.

For main, I shared the

SPAGHETTI – tomato & basil ($24) & the DUCK & FOIE GRAS RAVIOLI – marsala reduction ($23)
The spaghetti was their famous dish. It looks simple but the taste was exordinary. The mix of roma tomatoes, olive oil and the homemade spaghetti was authentic! It was definitely an “honest” dish with no fancy ingredients. It was all about quality and freshness.
The ravioli had a lot of taste to it but I thought they could put in more foie gras. The thing about ordering raviolis is they are always in such small portions! argh.

BLACK COD – bacala montecato, gaeta olives & concentrated tomatoes ($35). I had a little taste of it. it was really good!! Can’t go wrong with black cod!

CINNAMON PEAR CAKE – frangelico slushy & truffle honey jelly ($11). I liked the presentation of this and the pear cake was served warm. Very refreshing!

PETIT FOUR PLATTER – selection of bite size flavor explosions ($11). Various types of chocolate. I thought the curvy image from the chocolate was quite funny. :p

I would probably try Scarpetta again for a special occassion as it is quite pricey for a dinner outing. The article also highly recommended the Yellowtail with olio de zenzero & pickled as it is straight from japan sprinkled with sea salt to bring out the flavour. I would definitely order that at my next visit.

Scarpetta on Urbanspoon

Scarpetta | Thompson Toronto
550 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2V8. (416) 601-3590


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