Trevor Kitchen & Bar

Trevor Kitchen & Bar
38 Wellington Street East
Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1C7

Have heard mixed reviews on Trevor; either it being superb or being awful (mainly during licious times). But I finally got a chance to try out this place with my Groupon Deal, $25 for $50 of food & drinks! on a non-licious day. 🙂

Trevor, located just right beside Swish by Han that can be easily missed along Wellington St but at night, they have a spot light of their name on the floor that you can’t miss. It is a narrow, underground restaurant, relatively dark as well. I would prefer the restaurant to be a bit brighter just so I can see the presentation of the food better.

I started off with the Seared Foie Gras with Buttermilk Pancakes, smoked pork belly & spiced apple ($19)
This was so gooood! It was unordinary to pair foie gras with pancakes but this combination was delicious! The foie gras melts in your mouth. Will try again!

For main, we got the Venison Striploin with mulled wine braised shoulder, turnip fondant & peppercorn sauce ($35).
Very tender! but thought it was a bit too raw for medium rare, still good though!

Port braised beef cheeks with sunchoke risotto & shaved foie gras ($28).
The risotto + shaved foie gras were so good! Love risotto but they do get too filling. Again, the braised cheeks were flavourful and tender, it came off the bone easily.

+ our red wine.

Even with our coupon, I think the bill came up to almost $120? Pricey place, will only return if there’s a special occassion or a special deal. mmmmmm foie gras.

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