L’Ouvrier Kitchen Bar

L’Ouvrier Kitcehn Bar
791 Dundas St.W.
Toronto Ontario

L’Ouvrier means “worker” in French according to Google. How does that relate to the restaurant? Upon trying the restaurant and reading up on some articles about it, I think I can relate the two. “The Cook does not look upon himself as a servant, but as a skilled workman”. The chef is delighted at what he is doing (cooking) while others have appreciate his efforts. It allows ‘fine’ dining to become accessible to l’ouvrier (the working man) that good food is not only deserved for rich folks but to every class and every person.

The decor and interior was very simple…in fact VERY simple with very plain white paint, plastic chairs, wooden tables, random artifacts on the wall made by pins, screws, nails, wires, strings…etc. Even the menu was a piece of paper clipped on a random cardboard. With a group of 8, we were seated at a round table… quite rare to sit at a round table at a non-asian restaurant.

We started off with the Steak Tartare with crostini, capers, gherkins, dijon, parmesan ($14).
The steak tartare complimented just perfect with the crostini and cheese. The capers added a great kick to it.

Tuna Tartare ($14)
This was the special of the day. It was delicious! Better than the steak tartare because it was so fresh. It was placed on a sheet of seaweed which I thought it picked up some of the salt on it; interesting idea.

Ricotta, mushroom ravioli, brown butter, bacon, parsnip chips, chives ($20)
This was alright. Raviolis were just too small in portion for me. To be honest, I can’t quite remember how this taste; not very memorable.

Seared scallops, israeli couscous, chorizo, preserved lemon, chili, parsley, tomato-fennel broth ($22)
This was scrumptious! A lot of ingredients in here but my friend thought it covered too much of the scallop tastes. It was spicy rather than fresh seafood taste.

Roasted arctic char, potato purée, lemon relish, dill, green beans ($24).
The fish was very normal. I don’t know if it’s because I always have fish at home but it was just cooked too plain. The only thing that made this dish yummy was really the dill on the side and potato puree. Very distinguish taste to it.

Duck confit, mushrooms, kale, duck fat potatoes, st johns chutney ($24)
I didn’t have a chance to try this but my friend commented it to be tender in meat and crispy on skin.

At the end, I was pretty much stuffed and I wanted to save room for the delicious cake. I was pretty much satisfied at L’Ouvrier but I think once is enough for me and I don’t think I’ll be revisiting anytime soon.

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