Khao San Road

Have been hearing about Khao San Road for a while and finally got a chance to visit with the 2 other friends who are one of the most difficult folks to set up a dinner together! Khao San Road was packed place right at 6PM on a weeknight. They don’t take reservations so go there early.

We were seated near the entrance with high-rise wooden chairs. Atmosphere was loud and tightly seated but that’s okay. It was also nice of them to have these little hooks underneath the tables for ladies to hook onto their purses. The waitress was friendly with good recommendations on the menu! 

S got the Pad Thai. According to S, he said it was one of the best pad thai he had ever had! I had a small bite out of it and really liked their housemade tamarind sauce!

M had the Gra Prao – Stir fried minced meat with holy basil topped with a fried egg, service on rice. You can have a choice of pork, chicken or beef and I think it is pork in this one as recommended by the waitress. I didn’t get to try it but M thought it was really spicy.

I had the Khao Soi (recommended by Gracey from Food in the City)- egg noodles in a coconut milk enriched curry, garnished with crispy noodles, green onion, coriander and lime (beef braised!). SCRUMPTIOUS! The food arrived hot which I like and the noodles were still crispy even though it was soaked in the curry. I thought the curry was a bit too liquid and it would have been even better if they gave rice on the side to go with the curry… or even a nice warm bread. 🙂

Can’t leave this place without trying their Cha Nom Yen – an infusion of Thai spices and black tea mixed with condensed milk and served over crushed ice (aka thai iced tea). I think they should have called it thai milk tea instead. One of the best milk tea I’ve had! It complemented well with the spicy/curry food that we have.

Will come back again!

Khao San Road
326 Adelaide West, Entertainment District
Toronto, Ontario

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6 thoughts on “Khao San Road

  1. YAY =) I get a shout out haha! but yeah I had the khao soi again and thought there was too much curry – really heavy. do you prefer the khao soi at salad king more?

    • i can’t really remember the taste of the khao soi from salad king anymore… it’s been a while! guess i’ll have to go to salad king again soon to taste it out. 🙂

  2. Yeah i haven’t been to Salad King in a very long time. I heard Khao san road has a sister restaurant. Have you been?

    Also. Do you have twitter? 🙂

    • is it this place called Sukhothai? I’ve never been. thanks for bringing it up, i should add that to my list. i do have twitter, it’s @smilingmango_TO but i’m not very active on it unfortunately! twitter really confuses me at times. =P

      • yup! its called sukhothai. apparently the chef @ khao san road used to work there before opening kho san road. But it still has pretty good reviews!

        and i just followed you on twitter =)

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