Nadege Patisserie

Great place to stop by on a good weather day.

Nadege (@nadegetoronto) was a random hit for my friends and I as we were just strolling down Queens Street west from brunch. At around 3PM on a weekend afternoon, this place was packed. Lines and rows of macaroons and exquisite gourmet pastries that were screaming the words “buy me! I am delicious!”.

I had just finished brunch so I was too full to try out their pastries but I did purchase 3 macaroons (mocha, pistachio and raspberry). I can’t really remember the price but I believe it was around $10 for 3.

The macaroons were sweet and uniquely fragranted. I read some reviews online after and almost everyone recommended the salted caramel.

At check out, the name of this drink caught my attention… Cox’
s Apple
!  Without hesistation of how it would taste, I immediately grabbed it to try it out. The drink was so refreshing with green apple soda. mmmm. I looked up Bottle Green online, looks like they have many other flavours. Would definitely try another flavour out next time!

More pictures of Natege from BlogTO

Will revisit again for their pastries, salted caramel macaroon and Green Bottle drinks!

780 Queen St W Toronto, ON M6J, Canada
(416) 368-2009

Nadege Patisserie on Urbanspoon


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