Manpuku Japanese Eatery

Manpuku is located near OCAD and Art Gallery of Ontario but man…it was tricky to find! I was right in front of a sign that says 105 McCaul St (their address) but their sign/logo was not to be seen! Where it says #105 was just an apartment entrance. You actually have to walk right next to the apartment, through a little hallway to a foodcurt (Foodcourt of Village By the Grange) to where Manupuku situates.

Upon seated and looking at the menu, they offer a decent portion at affordable prices! (I would have thought they would charge a lot more due to the location – near a condo, OCAD, and AGO). But for around $4-6, you can get a don (rice) or a udon. The highest priced item I see was only $8!

For starters, we got the Takowasa. It was surprisingly amazing! Even better than guu’s takowasabi! highly recommended! The only downfall was they didn’t supply any seaweed to go with it.

Jumbo Inari – just a big ball of rice. Very typical. Just onions and rice within.

I ordered the Kitsune Udon. Basic plain udon topped with sweetly seasoned age pouch. Both the broth and udon was cooked just right. I wasn’t thirsty at all after the meal which means not much MSG! It would have a been a little bit better if they had a bit more toppings.

You can also pay $1.50 extra to get shirataki noodles. It is a heathier choice; very low carbohydrate, low calorie, made from konjac yam.
I would say quite rare of a restaurant to carry it but if you are on a low-carb diet, this would be the option.

I also got the takoyaki to go since it takes 20 minutes to make. As I didn’t eat it straight fresh, the takoyaki wasn’t at its roundest shaped anymore but it was still good. I wouldn’t say it was the best I’ve had but not bad… at least I know it was freshly made.

Overall, I loved this place. Would visit again for lunch to try their curry udon or their don. Would probably try their dessert as well. 🙂

manpuku modern japanese eatery.
105 McCaul St. Unit 29-31
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2X4
(416) 979-6763.
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