I highly-recommend Boehmer (@BoehmerResto)! – a must-return restaurant for me indeed. The building structure of Boehmer is very typical – long and narrow concept and warehouse-lookalike ceilings where I can see their pipes/vents, just like most other restaurants on the west end in Ossington.
But I have to say that they did a great job with decorations to have it look elegant. They have a long stretched wooden table along the middle that can probably sit up to 10-15 people; black chandelier lights (my fav!) and also a fancy submerged couch area for drinks. More details than I could describe, visit FoodJunkieChronicles’ site for more pictures.

To start of and a must-order, the Harvest Platters, it is fresh and varies daily. It goes from select 1 for $6; 3 for $15; 5 for $29; All for for $42.

We went for the 3 for $15 and had the House Made Sausage – With Maple Whole Grain Mustard. Spiced Air Cured Duck (was supposed to be the Bresaola beef on the menu but they offered duck instead. even better, Yum!) and Smoked Trout and Candied Salmon Rillettes served with house made crostinis.
All of them were scrumptious! I especially liked the duck but that’s because I always love charcuteries.

We also got a Complimentary Appetizer. It was a bite-size trout mix with I forgot. Lol. It tasted like plum sauce which was very appetizing for the other dishes to come. Also, a red and white wine to pair with our meals.

For main, I got the Pan Seared Halibutwith Lobster Mashed Potatoes – Sautéed Baby Spinach – Smoked Tomato Chive Beurre Blanc ($32).

It was a bit bland for me. The fish was indeed flakey and reminded me of McD’s filet o’fish. :p but I especially liked the sautéed baby spinach on the side. It was a great compliment with the fish.

Le Garçon got the Grilled 10oz Dry Aged N.Y. Strip Loin with Yukon Gold Fries – Pearl Onion Rosemary Jus ($34)
I got a bite out of it. Very juicey! Cooked to medium rare at perfection! The Yukon fries were also great with rich and oily rosemary jus.

Will return for sure! I enjoyed every bite of my meal. Highly recommend the harvest platter!



Boehmer Restaurant
93 Ossington Ave. (at Queen St W.)
Toronto, Ontario

Boehmer on Urbanspoon


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