Sushi Inn

My friend who lives around the area recommended Sushi Inn to me saying that it serves decent good-value Japanese food in Yorkville.

I came here on a Friday afternoon for lunch and it was not too fully seated at all. I would also say this place is quite “loner-friendly”  while I saw a few people 1-seaters. (hehe)

I ordered the Sushi Delux/ Chirashi. It came with 2 of each hamachi or hirame, tuna, crab meat, salmon, octopus, egg and ginger on the side.
It was good and very typical. Everything was just mediocre. The fishes were quite fresh but some were too frozen where I can still taste a bit of the ice. The rice was also a bit cold. Personally, I think Le Cafe Michi`s chirashi is still the best.

The combo also came with a salad and soup…very typical but tasted slightly better than Natural Sushi`s for some reason. Natural Sushi`s bento boxes are at around $6.99 (image below) while Sushi Inn’s are around $8.99… so feel free to walk a small block to Yonge and Bloor and you`ll save yourself $2 for a bento box! (I never wrote a review for Natural Sushi because everytime I go, I always end up getting their $6.99 chicken teriyaki bento box…the cheap deal!) I guess for the location at Yorkville, Sushi Inn`s  $8.99 bentox box is considered a reasonable deal.


Sushi inn
120 Cumberland Street Toronto, ON M5R
(416) 923-9992

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