The Commissary

For a Sunday brunch, my girls and I decided to go to Riverdale/Leslieville’s The Commissary. This place sadly does not take reservations which I highly recommend that they should because with all just small shops around the area, it’s very unlikely for people to risk their drive and time over to find that the place is full! (or maybe because they are never full…)

The Commissary is not a very big place, seats approximately 20 guests with lots of windows for sunlight. We were first greeted and seated by a very attentive and happy waiter.

I decided on the Pacific Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict ($11) with a side of salad. It was delicious but nothing extraordinary. Tasted very similar to the benedicts I had at Eggsmart actually but of course this was more appealing. =P

I also ordered an orange juice for $2.50 which I saw the waiter pour it into a glass from a Sunkist box! I would have preferred if they did not let me see them pour it from a carton or at least make some freshly squeezed orange juice if they were going to charge me $2.50. I felt ripped off.

Anyways, the place wasn’t bad but could have been better.

The Commissary
889 Queen St E
Toronto, ON M4M1J6
(416) 477-3393

Commissary on Urbanspoon


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