La Bamboche

La Bamboche (@labambocheto), one of my favourite pâtisseries in Toronto! A quiet pastry just nestled on the corner of Manor Rd E and Yonge (few minute walk from Eglinton station south).

I once had my birthday cake ordered from there before, it was probably one of the best birthday cakes I’ve had; Matcha Greentea and Sesame.

Just a few weeks ago, I dropped by again as I had to kill time on a sunny afternoon. I indulged myself with a slice of Earl Grey Cassis and some macaroons.

Earl Grey Cassis was scrumptious! I’m not really a fan of things that are too sweet but this earl grey was just right!! It was a bit soury; refreshing from the heat! Every bite gave me a sense of freshness and coolness! Would definitely come back for more and order the whole cake to share with family and friends. Approximately $5 a slice was on the expensive side for me.

Macaroons! Buying 6 or more was tax free so I picked 6 to go. ($2.75 for one. Ouch!)
2 x Pistachio, Green Tea, Cappuccino, Strawberry Champagne (topped with a small little silver dot. Making it look even more elegant!) and Lavender

Pistachio, Green Tea were my top favs while the cappuccino was a bit too strong to my liking and the rest lacked a bit of a flavour… where I wasn’t sure what flavour I was eating. =P All in all, I love their macaroons! Great place for desserts!

La Bambouche
4 Manor Road East Toronto, ON M4S 1P3
(416) 481-6735

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