Pastel Creperie & Dessert House

Ever since I’ve tried frosty flake icecream in Hong Kong about two years ago (picture here), I have been craving for it ever since! Finally, a place in Toronto that offers it…Pastel; referred by foodpr0n on flickr.

Pastel is located just a few minute walk from Finch Station on Yonge near the condominiums. If you’ve been around Yonge area, you know how difficult it is to find parking or even having to pay for parking. Great thing about Pastel is that they offer FREE PARKING!! The free parking is at a nearby condo’s underground visitor parking. Very fancy condo…at least by the looks of their lobby. It is then less than a minute walk to Pastel. Instructions of where the parking is found on their website, .

Small and cozy ambience with white and pastel green décor. Patio also available. I quite like the white décor complimented with a hint of pastel green; very summery.

Greentea icecream + red bean + whipped cream ($6-7).
It looks great. Loved how they incorporated red bean, oreo crumps and whip cream on the side. The taste of the icecream is not as comparable as the ones I’ve had in HK but the texture is there. Great dessert for summer! Very flakey and icey. Hard to describe it until you actually try it. This is also available in cappuccino and chocolate flavour.

A slight tweak that they should consider… add bite-size fruits or mochies or even bursty tapiocas like menchie’s.

Raspberry tart
Bf had his eyes on it the moment he walked by their fridge display. It looks like Pastel have a daily selection on pastries as well. He thought it was scrumptious. Flavour wasn’t too sweet and the tart crust was just right.

Will come back again if I need desserts or a chilling place around the area. Great place to chill with your friends (probably in small groups though) and free parking! I would want to try their sesame icecream crepe next time.

Pastel Creperie & Dessert House
5417 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M2N7A1
(647) 352-5588

Pastel Creperie & Dessert House on Urbanspoon


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