Banh Mi Boys

I finally ventured out to Banh Mi Boys (@Banhmiboys) for lunch. I have to say that they have a convenient and busy location, just right at the intersection of Queen St West and Spadina! Best way to get there is probably through streetcar or bus so you don’t have to worry about parking.

There was a line-up when I arrived on a Friday afternoon but the line was moving quite smoothly. People seem to eat and leave than to linger around.

I got the 5 Spiced Pork Belly Steamed Baos.

I knew I was getting the steamed bao over the banh mi when I saw this on the menu, just because I love these steamed baos; so soft and fluffy! This reminded me of those steamed pork buns from shanghai places or the kinds from Swish by Han. The bao was very flavourful! But due to the steam and humid from the meat, the bao got a bit sticky in my mouth…wish it didn’t though. It would also be better if this was served even spicier.

I also indulged myself with Kimchi Fries.

They were amazing! It’s basically a poutine with a mixture of cheese, kimchi, pulled pork, mayo, green onions and some YAM fries! The quality of the fries were very similar to New York Fries with the skin and it wasn’t too soggy at all. This was also in big portions! Word of advice: share this with someone if you are getting other stuff on the menu. Or just eat this alone. It was too much for me that I had to pack it to go after a several BIG bites. It was still good even after a few hours of sitting on the kitchen table though. Would come back for it! So filling and so good!

Banh Mi Boys Sandwich Shop.
392 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario M5V 2A9
Banh Mi Boys on Urbanspoon


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