Frank’s Kitchen

Frank’s Kitchen (@frankskitchen) is another narrow but elegant and cozy restaurant situated in Little Italy. Serving superb food and offering attentive services! They were packed even on a weeknight and we barely managed to get seats at the bar without a reservation. The couple behind us was turned away because the resto was just full.

We were first welcomed with warm house-made bread. I decided to have a Bloody Caesar to go with my meal today. Fresh, veggie and spicy!

Started off with Tuna Tartare with avocado in a lemon olive oil vinaigrette and watercress salad ($14)
My friend said it was appetizing! The avocado and hints of olive oil just blended so nicely. We tend to order tartars whenever we see it on the menu.

Seafood Cocktail with shrimp, crab and lobster in a lime, vodka and avocado cocktail sauce
Lots of seafood here. Everything was served fresh and cold, and on an iced stone. Great for the hot weather outside.

Kobe bone marrow & venison tartare with foie gras torchon salad ($21)
This was so good! Loved the tartar, very flavourful! The bone marrow was interesting as well.

After our first course, they offered a complimentary sorbet, which I thought it was quite interesting. It was some sort of citrus sorbet. It was a really good palate cleanser and prepares you for the next course.

Crisp gnocchi in a gorgonzola cream with pancetta with duck confit ($15)
Gnocchi was flavourful as well, very filling. Duck confit was cooked well, very juicey.

St.Jacob pork 3 ways – rack, loin and crispy belly with a butternut squash puree, braised red cabbage and balsamic mustard compote in a calvados reduction. ($28)
So good! I liked how they served the same meat in a different ways. The pork was very juicy and tender. The crispy belly was well-crafted and it reminded me of those Korean fat pork meat or the Chinese fat bellys. All three ways were in decent portions leaving me with a satisfied tummy.

I was too full to order desserts but we got complimentary small macaroons. They were raspberry flavour. Great way to end the night!

Overall, would probably come back again for a special night. Every dish we ordered here are highly recommended.

Frank's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Frank’s Kitchen
Little Italy/Portugal Village
588 College St Toronto, ON M6G1B2
(416) 516-5861


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