Lucien – lunch

This is not my first visit at Lucien; my girlfriends and I have been here for other licious and non-licious days but yet we wanted to return because we’ve had decent experiences and we got too lazy to try another place. I think this is the only year so far where I saw Lucien offering a lunch summerlicious menu and even their prices for the dinner went down in price (from $45 to $35 this year).

$20 for a 3-course meal is definitely a deal here. The lunch menu is actually the same as dinner’s as well. 😉

I started off with the Cured Beef Carpacchio with Wild Ginger, sweet potato and sarsaparilla.
I’ve always liked cured meat. The crispy yellow strings were actually wild ginger which I could not taste the strong flavour at all (guess it’s a good thing since i don’t like ginger). But the sweet potato ones were really good, a bit sweet and salty. They were great compliments to the cured meat, adding some texture and additional flavor.

My friend picked the Chilled Sweet Pea Soup with Sancho Pepper mousse and pea tendrils.
It was creamy and great for the hot weather outside. But a bit too creamy and filling. My friend didn’t even end up finishing it.

Fettuccine with Tiger Shrimp, chili oil, parmesan,parsley, preserved lemon
I can taste that the fettuccine was made fresh! Shrimp tasted really good too. Great portion size.

Pan Seared Chicken, ratatouille, basil. Despite the 3 pieces, this was just right for me for lunch. Chicken was tender and juicey. I wasn’t expecting this dish to be like this so there was a surprise.

Strawberry Frozen Nouget with lemon sorbet, thyme meringue, lemon balm.

Tiramisu with Hay Creme Fraiche and ladyfingers.
The tiramisu was a bit icey or still frozen so it tasted a bit watery after a while.

Great deal overall! With tip and tax, it came to just a bit less than $30 for a 3-course meal. Service wasn`t too slow so that I could get back to work on time. Can`t complain.

Lucien Restaurant
36 Wellington Street East
Toronto, ON M5E 1C7
(416) 504-9990

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