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My second visit here at MoRoCo, (first review here). This is actually my first meal here as I’ve always just had desserts. $20 for a 3-course summerlicious meal is a great value as a dish here averages around $12-15 anyways. A note that they also charge an automatic tip at 16% no matter how big your party is or if you are just having a drink/dessert (ouch!).

For the day, we ordered the 2 salads on the menu. Lots of veggies. Unfortunately no picture as we got too hungry.
Moroco Caesar salad – Traditional Caesar salad, with home made croutons & Smoked bacon tossed in a caesar vinaigrette
BLT Salad – Cherry tomatoes, crispy smoked bacon, romaine lettuce, dressed in dijon mustard vinaigrette. My dressing had too much garlic which I disliked so I didn’t even finish the whole thing.

For main, I got the Quiche Du jour with seasonal greens and bacon.
The quiche of today was bacon. It was well-made; great if it was for breakfast. It had merely bacon; for me, it could have been better if bits of mushrooms or spinach were within. I thought the waiter could have informed me that the dish accompanies with a side salad so I could’ve opted for another appetizer instead of the BLT salad.

Moroco Grilled Cheese sandwich – crusty sourdough bread fontina & swiss, aged gruyere with Truffled butter & mini tomato soup.
My friend noted that the grilled cheese was good. Bread crust was crispy while it’s fluffy inside. The grilled cheese dipped in the tomato soup was a funny combination as one was salty and the other was sweeter. As for the truffled butter, she could barely taste it. Overall, very filling! 

Pretty In Pink – Raspberry fool, accompanied by light as air cotton candy, Marshmallow.
Here’s the highlight of the meal! Cute presentation. I think any girl who see it will instantly feel happier and make space for their filled tummys. 
Starting from the left is a raspberry marshmallow – best marshmallow I have ever had, fluffy and soft! Next is their raspberry macaroon – I savoured every bit! So good! Next is cotton candy – tastes no different than others but it’s interesting. Right is the raspberry mix with whipped cream – not too heavy.  Great way to end the meal!

Overall, typical meal but the dessert excelled. Hence, Moroco is known for their chocolate and desserts. With tax and auto tip of 16%, it came to around $26 per person. Not too bad if you compared it to their normal menu where a dessert can come up to close to $20 itself. I think I would only come back for ~licious days.


99 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 1C1
(416) 961-2202

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