Niwatei is a small ramen place just located outside of J-town. If you are looking for some ramen uptown for a reasonable price, Niwatei would do in comparison to Ajisen or Ippai.

Plain (Shio) Ramen しおラーメン ($7.80)
I wanted something plainer with a blander soup base so opted for the shio ramen. Soup was clear but I can taste some msg as it made me quite thirsty after the meal. The ramen itself was boucey and chewy, there was quite a bit of flour taste to it though.

Pork Bone Based Noodle soup.
The soup base was really flavorful but again, some msg. Noodles were chewy and bouncy as well but less of the flour taste since the soup base covered it.

Very typical.

All-in-all, Niwatei was very typical. Nothing too extraordinary. A decent ramen place without driving all the way to mid/downtown for Kenzo or Kinton Ramen though.

Niwatei Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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