Have heard great things about Luma for all this time but never made an effort to go. Summerlicious is always an excuse for me.:)  I like to go for lunches since they are relatively cheaper. If you don’t know, they are part of the O&B chain (@oliver_bonacini), situated on the 2nd floor of TIFF lightbox and they have a patio overlooking King St.

SMOKY TOMATO GAZPACHO – spicy chimichurri
I have always liked tomato gazpacho especially during the warmer seasons; giving a nice and chill feeling. However, this wasn`t the best I`ve had… the one I had at Jump was a lot better. The soup didn`t taste smoky or spicy at all like I originally expected. I just read CarmenHungry`s LUMA dinner review and her gazpacho looked a lot better! She had a prawn in hers (guessed cause it`s dinner menu) BUT they actually mixed the green and red liquid in front of her! Mine came just like how the picture did. Boo.

CURED ALBACORE TUNA – radish salad, pea gremolata, ramp pickle
My friend didn`t comment much on this aside from the tuna being a little bit too soggy. It lacked the chewing texture. Maybe the thickness?

GRILLED PORK LOIN – zucchini, charred leeks, roasted fingerling.
This could be a bit juicier. The plum and soury sauce was an interesting mix with the grilled porkloin. Again, great sauce for the
hot weather outside.

CITRUS CUSTARD – candied zest, pine nut biscotti
This was really good but filling! The biscotti and citrus on the side were also a great mix to the custard by adding some texture and other flavours to it. I actually broke up my biscotti and sprinkled it within my custard…so much better!

STRAWBERRY + RHUBARB CRUMBLE – lemon balm, whipped cream
This was alright. I thought they could do a better job in presentation? Again, great for the weather.

Overall, I had a decent experience here for the summerlicious lunch menu. Both appetizers and dessert were great but I thought the porkloin didn`t really hit the spot. May come back again for another licious day or after a movie date night here for more intricate dishes. 😉

350 King St W, TIFF Bell Lightbox, 2nd Floor

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