Burger’s Priest

Finally got to try the well-known Burger’s Priest. So glad they opened a location on Yonge St; so much more convenient.

Their secret menu is apparently available online but I couldn’t find it on their Facebook. Thanks to FOOD WITH LEGS‘s detailed review on their items, I decided to pick the High Priest burger. It was just like a McDonald’s Big Mac but obviously the patty was a lot better and this was more humongous! I just wished they had more cheese to this though.

My vegetarian friend ordered the THE OPTION.
She stated that it was really good. The stuffed cheese just melts when you bite into it. Best veggie burger she has had.

For my next visit, I think I`m going to get the Religious Hypocrite (love the name!) -a veggie burger (the Option) with bacon just because my friend talked about the option so highly and I’ve always loved bacon.

A side note is McDonalds is just actually right across the street, so take advantage of the $1 cold beverage after the big burgers and may even consider getting some fries on the side.

The Burger’s Priest
3397 Yonge St Toronto, ON M4N 2M7
(416) 488-3510

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