Kinton Ramen

Guu‘s new hype – Kinton Ramen (@KintonRamen).
I first came on a Friday afternoon, it was a 45 min wait for two people, so we left. The next time we came, it was estimated 30-minute wait time so we patiently waited. It was exactly 30 mins till we got our seats (better than Guu I guess). The place was steaming hot! They need better ventilation because I was close to eating my own sweat. Lol.

I ordered the Miso Ramen ($9.5) – soybean paste, kinton pork, beansprout, scallion, corn, garlic oil.
You can pick the richness of your broth flavour from light, regular to rich. I picked rich just because it’s so hot that usually your taste buds may go down. You can also pick a pork belly or a pork shoulder with your ramen. I selected the pork belly from my friend’s recommendation. It was juicey and chewy but as you can see in the picture, I only had ONE slice of pork belly. The ramen was also really good; very chewy and boucey.

My friend ordered the Vegetable ramen ($9.8) – regular spicy seasoned vegetable, seaweed, corn, seasoned egg.
It was spicy. This was a really big bowl, with lots of toppings! But too much garlic that took away a lot of the flavour. I think I’ll pick this next time and add a pork belly… look at all the toppings they give you. I especially like corn, seaweed and the egg!

Overall, it was great! But not superb. Still not as great as the ones I’ve had in Japan yet. I thought they could have incorporated some Guu’s special appetizers here so there’s some synergy such as their takowasabi or cocktails. They really need to improve the ventilation system in there though. The ramen and broth were still good …being chewy, boucey and flavourful. Will come back again for lunch or when there’s less of a line up. =P
Kinton Ramen
51 Baldwin Street
Toronto, On M5T 1L1

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