Koko! Share Bar

I bought a deal from Living Social for Koko! Share Bar – $15 for $30 to Spend on Lunch For Two . They were once decent when I visited in 2010 and actually enjoyed some dishes (old post here) but after 1.5 years, not so great and do not think I will come back again anymore. I’m not sure if it’s the items that I ordered but nonetheless, we ordered the simplest dishes and it shouldn’t be too disappointing.

Salad that came with one of our meals. Very typical.

Chirashi – I didn’t really enjoy it. Some fishes were still frozen. Probably one of the worst chirashi I’ve had. Not worth the money at all compared to Wow! Sushi, Sushi Inn, and don’t even mention about being comparable to Le Cafe Michi’s.

Assorted Sashimi + Sushi – Really simple and typical as well. Tasted just like those all you can eat sushis. Nothing outstanding.

Hence, will not come back again. Glad I bought this deal and didn’t waste too much money here. $30 for this lunch was definitely not worth it!

Koko! Share Bar
81 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, ON, M5R 1C1


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