TO Food Fest

I think this is the first year of Toronto Food Fest (@TOFoodFest) at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Scarborough. I was lucky and honoured to be invited with a media pass. This means arriving earlier than the official opening time to speak to vendors/ merchants and to try out some of their samples. I thought it was a great idea to invite bloggers to this event, great way to attract awareness and create exposure. The organizers were also very nice to give me extra 2 media passes for my companions of the day. Thank you!

Going to try to keep this post simple and not text heavy.

Some of the items that I had throughout the day in no particular order:

BAOSS (@BaossTO)- steamed buns. Offering 3 styles for $10.
Pork Belly [bottom left], Veal Cheek, Lobster [bottom right]. I think I was their first customer of the day as they weren’t planning to sell anything until 1 but I couldn’t wait and do not want to wait in line later. Lol They were really nice enough to sell these yummy buns earlier.
I thought all 3 were amazing. Very soft baos! I especially liked the Veal Cheek because there’s my favourite kimchi within.

Note: My friend who arrived around 3pm said they were actually all sold out already. Popular demand!

Pavitra Restaurant
Delicious Indian food. This plate was only $5 with a mango drink.

Marathon Coffee Shop – H.K. milk tea
Apparently this place won #1 milk tea in North America and 3rd in Hong Kong. The milk tea was very smooth… quite similar to what I have had in Hk before.

Bake’n – greet concept and combo! Adding bacon to desserts such as cheesecakes and toffee cake.

Indonesian – this vendor sells an assorted package Indonesian snacks. Bought 2 bags of their chips, garlic and lobster for $5. Pretty good!

TACOCATS (@thetacocat)
– Looks like they are in all the night markets this year. The Crispy Calamari taco was really good. I especially loved the lime juice and mayo in it. But the tortilla lacked a bit. Nonetheless, the stuffings were good!

Casa Manila
– Very nice staff there (or owner?) She gave us a detailed overview of some popular Filipino dishes and were very generous with their samples as shown below.

Jamie’s Popcorn
– These popcorn were huge, at least the size of a quarter when freshly popped. The gentleman was demonstrating to us how these kernels pop. Pretty epic scene when they were popping from this huge pot.

Some other vendors that I`ve tried…
Patisserie Royale (these pistachio pastries were really good! Should have bought another box) || Decor Fruits || Mr. Nom Nom (making the swirl potato chip)

Francesca Bakery – I didn’t have a chance to try out their macaroons but some folks around me did and said it was good.

Mary Macleod’s Short Bread – the supplier of Holt Renfrew. The lady was actually the daughter of Mary Macleod and it is a family runned business. Keep up the great work! Scrumptious butter short breads.
Gala’s Pepper Sauce – apparently these are organic hot sauce. I tried a cracker with it and phewww, hot! My friend even bought a jar to bring home.
Rodney’s Oysters – oyster of the day was from Nova Scotia. Quite refreshing and creamy.

There were other vendors such as the Moe’s Burger, grilled cheese place that I didn’t get to try as by the time my tour ended, the crowd have already arrived and line-ups started forming already! But next time! I thought TO Food Fest did a great job at organizing this event…having an indoor section and an outdoor just in case if it gets too hot and sunny out there that you can go inside for a little shade and breeze. I was there earlier than the crowd so it wasn’t too packed for me. Great opportunity to meet the vendors and ask how they come up with some products and ideas. All the best to those entrepreneurs!

Will be back next year. 🙂


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