Menchie’s finally opened up in Uptown back in February. Great place to be for desserts especially in the summer time. 🙂  They were giving out free yogurt on their grand opening back in Feb. Menchie’s is a great concept; fill as much as you want and whatever you want. Wide range of condiments from fruits to candies to cookies to syrup..etc.

So far I like their simplier flavours such as strawberry vanilla or green tea. I like to add fruit toppings and those those burst bobas are a must for me. Mochies were alright too. I thought it was no different than Yogurtys which they are expanding rapidly but I prefer Menchie’s still just because they have a loyalty program and my friend’s uncle actually works with Menchie’s. 🙂

What`s your favourite mix at Menchie`s? 🙂

3828 Highway 7 (Warden & Highway 7), Markham, ON.
(905) 477-8300


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