Wow! Sushi

I’m always around this area but never really noticed Wow! Sushi until  recently I read it on the web and saw a sign of their’s close to Yonge St. Wow! Sushi is just right beside Gourmet Burger and close to Manulife Building and Okonomiyaki House. How did I not notice this earlier?

A small casual place at the south west corner of Yonge and Bloor, operated by Japanese-speaking people, providing authentic Japanese food with decent art décor. Their service is also really speedy.. I was in and out in 25 minutes!

Went on a Friday afternoon lunch and there was no wait with only 3 tables seated. They gave me a complimentary salad and soup before I even ordered. Talk about efficiency!

I was debating between a Chirashi for $14 or a Sashimi Don for $12 and I had to ask what’s the difference between the two since the description was exactly the same. Apparently Chirashi’s sashimi are sliced and placed on the side while the fish in the Sashimi Don are diced. This sounds good enough for me to try so I decided on the…

Sashimi Don

Within it, there’s sesame rice, diced egg, tuna, salmon, mackerel, some blow-torched white fish, shrimp and my favourite seaweed salad! Great presentation! Better than the chirashi that I had at Sushi Inn (my chirashi at Sushi Inn) that’s just down the street.

It also came with some hot sauce on the side…similar to those Korean hot sauces. I added some hot sauce, soya sauce and wasabi within my bowl and mixed. Very delicious! I thought the fish and rice was a bit bland, lacked the fish taste (probably because they were all diced up) and the rice lacked vinegar. But can’t complain too much and that’s probably why they supplied the hot sauce on the side.

I enjoyed my meal very much. Will probably come back again to try their chirashi and other stuff.

Wow! Sushi
11 Charles St W, Toronto, ON M4Y1R4
(416) 923-1888

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