MoRoCo Dessert

I walked by MoRoCo with a friend and she wanted to buy some macaroons to go. While picking out what macaroons to get, she wanted to sit down and enjoy some desserts instead… spontaneous!

My second dessert visit here (first dessert post and summerlicious post). We were both quite full from lunch so we just ordered desserts to share. We picked the Rich enough to twitch for Two. It includes (from left to right) Red Velvet Crepe, Smore Love, Tiramisu, Blondie Bar, Apple Caramel Cheesecake ($22)


I started with the Red Velvet Crepe first – not that great. The crepe was kind of dry. Glad that I started this first… so I am eating the best at the last. Right next to it are the smore love which surprisingly were really good! It’s something that I don’t normally adore.
MoRoCo crepe red velvet
Tiramisu were pretty good too and sweet.
MoRoCo tiramisu

I’m not a chocolate fan but these crunchy blondies were also beyond my expectations. My friend and I thought these blondy would actually be the least favorable but nope, it was just right with the coffee.

Lastly, the cheesecake was second best to the smores. They weren’t too heavy and just enough that complemented well with the entire portions of this combo. The Rich Enough to Twitch dessert platter is definitely more than enough for two. Must reserve enough space for this if you are planning to order it. 🙂
MoRoCo cheesecake

MoRoCo dessert

MoRoCo on Urbanspoon


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