Come and Get it!

Heard great stuff about Come and Get It. It is located just at the corner of Spadina and Dundas and close to banh mi boys.

There are a couple of combinations that you can make here… first you select sandwich, salad or poutine and then the different type of topping; chipotle beer short ribs, hawaiian pork belly, gravy smith chicken caesar or herbed crunch green beans.

I opted for the Pork belly Poutine just cause I like pork bellies. Fattening..i know -_-.
The pork belly didn’t taste like I expected and it tasted like bacon…I’m talking about the texture too. Not the soft jelly type of pork belly. It was also really crunchy that I could barely bite into it. But I have to say that their portion is really big that I could not finish it! The fries and gravy were really good though.  I’m not sure if I picked something less favourable since everyone else said it’s amazing. Maybe I’ll give it another shot with a different topping.

Come and Get it
170 Spadina Avenue

Come and Get It on Urbanspoon


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