Per Se Mobile

Toronto Food Trucks were/are around Toronto this summer/fall. You can find out where and which food trucks are around the city on the website or facebook page.

But just a few weeks ago, they were at Union Station around lunch time, very convenient!

Per Se Mobile and Blue Donkey were there. I decided on Per Se Mobile as I wanted to try their Shrimp Taco and they had more people lined up ;). Blue Donkey was offering gyros if you’re wondering.

Aside from Shrimp Tacos, Per Se Mobile was also offering porchetta sandwich (both priced at $8) that was very tempting but the Perse guy there recommended the shrimp taco so I did.

They called my name after 5 minutes of wait and 3 nicely crafted Shrimp Tacos (Tiger Shrimp with Fresh Vine Tomatoes, Red Onions & Cilantro, Served on a Bed of freshly baked corn) were given to me in a styrofoam box.

The tacos had onions…. -_- forgot to ask them to take it out as I hate onions. No utensils were given so I had to pluck them out but still good. The shrimp tacos were actually quite refreshing. Shrimps were not soggy. Better if they had more lime juice and avocado. The taco wrap itself could be better I think, it was a bit on the cold and hard side.

The sugar cane juice looked pretty good too although I didn’t get one it as I’m trying to stay away from sugar. Would give it a shot another time.

I personally love food trucks; it provides a wider variety of street food.

What other food trucks have you tried?


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