momofuku noodle bar – Toronto

Momofuku (@momofuku) just opened about a month ago in Toronto at Shangri-La and of course no reservation so there’s a line up. Most said it didn’t live up to the hype and I concur which I’ll talk more about below.

I arrived at their door around noon on a Friday afternoon where they had seated everyone already (since they opened at 11:30am) so I had to wait for the next round. The friendly host kindly entered my name and cellphone number into his ipad and it will text me when my seat is ready. It waited approximately 30-40 minutes around the lounge area in Shangri-La. Promptly after 30mins, I was seated! Yay! Momofuku was pretty big area with high ceilings, I think they had around 4 floors but only the bottom floor was for noodles. Long wooden chairs and tables with a few high-raised tables on the side.

I quickly ordered the Pork Belly Bun w/ hoisin, scallion, cucumber.
Really good! Very similar to a peking duck with the hoi sin sauce and cucumbers. I thought it could be served a little bit warmer and maybe a few more interesting spices within would have been perfect.

Momofuku Ramen – pork belly & shoulder, fish cake, egg
Ramen did not live up to the hype. It wasn’t super amazing. I thought Kinton or Kenzo were better. Soup base was meh too. The beef brisket was good. Noodles weren’t extremely al dante.

To me, once is good enough for the ramen. Maybe I’ll be back for the other buns or even the a la carte menu at their daishō. Or even their prix fix menu at shōtō. Their Shōtō is currently at $150 for roughly 10 courses. I wonder how it’s like, let me know if you’ve tried it! I heard you can take pictures in Toronto whereas the New York one you cannot. $150 prix fix menu better be good since I’ve just had an AMAZING $135 prix fix menu at Picasso, Bellagio @ Las Vegas…post coming up soon! 🙂

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