Urraca Resto Lounge

My friend recommended Urraca Resto Lounge to me as I love tapas. It is a continental tapas style restaurant with Korean influences (no surprise as it’s in the middle of Korean Town). Urraca is quite a “loungey” place with screens around, couches and relatively loud upbeat music. I think they transform into a bar at night.

My friends and I ordered the following to share….lotssss of fries. lol
Kimchi Fries

Delicious! Not as great as the Kimchi fries from Banh Mi Boys though.

Bulgogi Poutine
cheese curds, korean beef, asian gravy, sour cream, fries
– I quite liked this dish in particular. It definitely incorporated the Korean fusion. I find that you can add almost any Korean dish to fries. I want to make this at home!

Kobe Beef Sliders
kobe. truffle cheese, fois shavings, garlic aioli with fries
– I can smell the truffle flavour. Nothing too particular with the sliders though.

Spicy rice cake seafood
assorted seafood. chilli paste. rice cakes. cheese curds
– Nothing extradinary but still delicious. Spicy and chewy!

Will probably come back again to try out other dishes and/or for a night drink. Great place to chill with friends and great Korean fusion food.

There’s actually a deal on dealfind now but beware that it looks like it’s only for Tuesday & Wednesday and there’s quite a bit of restrictions. Enjoy!

Urraca Resto Lounge
19A Finch Avenue W. Toronto, ON M2M 4G6
(647) 537-3332

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3 thoughts on “Urraca Resto Lounge

  1. We went in the evening and had a few dishes (tuna tataki, pork belly and seafood rice cakes). We didn’t enjoy any of the dishes: they weren’t bad but we were expecting the dishes to be well-put and executed for a lounge and at that price. The pork belly had little taste and was dried out; the tuna tataki It didn’t help that the place was empty and our table was plagued by fruit flies.

    We went somewhere else to finish the evening. I wouldn’t recommend Urraca unless they fundamentally change their execution and get the crowds in.

    • @tk – sorry to hear that you had a bad experience that night. i guess they weren’t having their time of the night. thanks for sharing your thoughts though.

      • (Meant to say the tuna tataki was also bland and didn’t pair well with their sauce)

        Yea, could be just that night. I am surprised at the reviews it’s been getting so far – was expecting a heavier punch and more popularity but it was empty at prime time.

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