Brownstone Bistro and Bar

I was browsing on my Foodspotting app to see what was around the area and noticed Brownstone Bistro and their eggs benedict caught my attention!
picture credit to Janie on Foodspotting.

I quickly asked my friend to go with me for a Friday brunch and unfortunately they don’t offer their brunch menu on weekdays! Argh. So I went for their lunch menu instead without the eggs benedict. 😦

My friend selected the Caesar salad that was really good. She said the dressing was great, and vegetables were fresh.  I think those are crispy curly onions which went well with the salad by adding some texture.

I picked the chicken quesadilla ($13). It was good but nothing spectacular about it. There was a lot of spinach within. The beets were creatively shaved as so. I’ve definitely had better quesadillas though.

Nothing spectacular about this meal but I have to say their salads and vegetables are very fresh! The dressing were great and they added quite a bit of toppings to enhance to texture and flavour. I’ll probably be back again to try out those amazingly good-looking eggs benedict on the weekend.

Brownstone Bistro
603 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z5
(416) 920-6288

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One thought on “Brownstone Bistro and Bar

  1. Thanks for coming in and trying out our lunch. I apologize that the lunch was “nothing spectacular” but I assure you this was a one off. More so, I look forward to you coming in for our famous brunch and seeing what all the hype is about!!

    Thanks for writing a review

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