Ramen hype! Sansotei opened just around September 2012, similar to other ramen restaurants that have just opened in summer such as Kinton Ramen and Momofuku’s Noodle Bar. My friends and I arrived on a Saturday noon and the line up wasn’t that bad as many other critics have mentioned. It was barely a wait; probably 5 mins.
My second visit’s wait time was around 5-10 minutes at noon on a Friday. The lineup definitely got longer just when I got seated. Sansotei opens at 11:30am so time yourself right to ensure less wait time (no reservations).

Sansotei is a rather narrow restaurant with wooden tables and a big rope hanging from the door to the kitchen. The place can probably sit around 30 people and no more. The hostess and waitresses were very friendly. They were smiley despite frustrated customers who doesn’t want to wait.

I ordered the Tonkotsu Sansotei Ramen.
It was really good (better than momofuku’s for sure!) Their pork belly was rather thinly sliced. The egg was well-made,running liquid yolk boiled at its perfection and it was a full egg too! Other ramen places only gave half (*cough Kinton *cough*). The soup base was made just right, with a milky pork bone broth. I find soup base is really the key to ramens. In comparison, Kinton’s soup was too garlicy and overpowering and momofuku’s was just salty and weak broth. Sansotei’s was a good mix!

Sansotei ramen
I got the Shio Sansotei Ramen for my second visit.
Similar to above in terms of ingredients with just a different soup base. Shio is on the saltier side which is expected and without the creamy pork bone broth. All still good though! For this Shio bowl, I can taste the ramen/ noodle flavour a lot clearer; not covered by the creamy soup base.

Sansotei ramenSansotei ramen
Both bowls’ noodles were chewy and al dente. The colour of the noodles were white which means it’s all made of flour and no egg? I guess the egg adds a bit of colour and chewiness/stickiness? Let me know if you do know the answer to this.

All-in-all, I liked it..both shio and tonkotsu style. They should offer some spicy ramen and more side dishes.
Their soup base and noodles are definitely the drivers for me to visit more often!

Ramen shops are such profitable business!

Sansotei Ramen
179 Dundas St W.  Toronto, ON M5G1Z8

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