I’ve been to Inatei a couple of times already but just never had a chance to write a review until now. Pretty decent Japanese food in uptown but a bit on the pricier side. They also offer a daily specials menu as so [click image to enlarge]…

Complimentary salad

We ordered the Aji (horse mackerel). Fresh and beautifully presented. I’ve had Aji elsewhere before and it costs only around $10-15. Hence, pricey here for $18! Aside from sashimi, a soup was also made from the bones.

We also ordered a side of mejina (largescale blackfish). Very similar to red snapper but this is a lot better! It is softer and less tendons!

A side of wild salmon sushi.

Seafood & Beef Udon – it was good. Udon was very al dente and the soup base was tasty.

black cod – black cod never disappoints me. crispy on the outside, meaty and juicey inside.

Dragon Roll – best looking dragon roll I’ve seen yet and of course, it tasted good.

Sushi & Sashimi plate.

Last but not least, desserts – fried icecream and almond milk pudding.

Overall, pretty fresh sashimi here if you live uptown and do not want to drive too far. They also over omakases for around $80 pp that I have not tried.

Inatei 稻亭日本料理
9021 Leslie Street
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 0B2
(905) 881-9500

Inatei on Urbanspoon


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