Trevor – lunch

Every December, Trevor Kitchen and Bar offers a prix fixe lunch menu for $25. You won’t have to wait till ~licious time and they don’t often offer lunches. To celebrate my friend’s birthday, we decided to try out their prix fixe menu. It was alright. Wasn’t blown away or anything and I didn’t have any foie gras related items like my first visit.

For starters, we got the…
Arugula Salad with butter roasted figs, pancetta and baco noir balsamic

Roasted Tomato Purée with cheddar & olive oil   – I liked the soup! It was served hot and not too thickening with the cheese.

Main, we both ordered the Steak Frites – dry aged alberta beef sirloin& truffled goat cheese poutine.

The steak was relatively dry for a medium rare. The goat cheese poutine on the side was pretty good though.

Lastly, the desserts, Creme Brulee and Sorbet were mediocre as well, nothing too overwhelming.


When the bill came, they also offer Cotton Candy but we were too stuffed from the 3 course meal for lunch already to eat any of it.

Verdict: Great value considering how much they are normally for dinner. Decent food but not amazing.

Trevor Kitchen & Bar
38 Wellington Street East
Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1C7


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