Sukho Thai

sukho thai
After craving for Thai food for the longest time, I went to Sukho Thai on a Monday for lunch. From what I have read, Sukho Thai is also owned by Khao San Road. It’s actually quite interesting to read how the couple (owner + chef who are also husband & wife) have met and started up their restaurants,

Aside from Sukho Thai, they also expanded another restaurant called Sabai Sabai (post coming up shortly).

Sukho Thai wasn’t too packed when I arrived but after half an hour or so, the resto did start to fill up. It has dark and black walls, wooden tables and leather seats and a few metal pillars accompanied by jumpy music throughout.
sukho thai

Great thing about Sukho Thai is they do take reservations and if there is a wait, you can probably wait near the stairs that is indoor.

The waiter recommended the Khao Soi to me and I also ordered the Thai Iced Tea.

sukho thai khao soi
khao soi

sukho thai iced tea
The Khao soi was good, very similar to Khao San Road‘s but I think KSR was a bit better. I asked for a medium spice and it wasn’t too spicy to me at first but it did gradually grow op me. It had a proportionate combination of the crispy stuff, noodles and chicken. Great lunch portion size for me!

The iced tea was not served cold enough but still very good and rich!

I would come back and try the Pad Thai next time.

Sukho Thai
52 Wellington St. E Toronto, Ontario
(647) 351-4612

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2 thoughts on “Sukho Thai

  1. Oh hey, this is the new Sukho Thai location!! It’s so snazzy ~ but I think I liked the hole-in-the-wall feel of the first location — well hidden from the masses 🙂
    I’ve had the khao soi at both places, and I found KSR’s Khao Soi (and pad thai, as well) to be too sweet, almost sickeningly sweet. SKT’s Pad Thai is very good too .. I really need to go back there.
    Also, the ownership at Khao San Road decided to part ways with Jeff and Nuit, so KSR no longer has involvement from the lovely couple.

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