Sabai Sabai

Another Thai restaurant from the chef of Khao San Road, Sabai Sabai (@sabaisabaito). Sabai Saba is located at the south-east corner of Dundas and Church, quite convenient location and close proximity to Eaton’s Centre and Santouka. Great thing about Sabai is that they take reservations! I made a reservation for a Thursday afternoon and it was rather quiet here until an hour or so passed by.

It’s a small place with minimal lights (mainly from sunlight from the windows and doors) and lots of Thailand related posters around the walls. Mental chairs and wooden tables. At the bar, they had my favourite filament lightbulbs but when everything combined, I thought the décor lacked a bit of consistency/theme. It’s like they forgot to change the furnitures or the floor colours…..anyways, I’m no interior designer, just personal thought.

The service for lunch was really slow. Oh…and they have a lunch menu so not all items on their menu would be served during lunch time. For a party of 4, it took close to 45 minutes to get all of our food. It also looked like they only had 2 waiters/waitresses around. All we ordered were soup noodles and they should always be the easiest/quickest to make.

I ordered the Tong Yum Gong Noodles.
– soup was not spicy at all. Soup base was actually a bit on the sweeter side. Not my expectation at all.
– lots of basil and lemon grass flavour though.

My friends ordered the Beef Pho.
– more of the Thai taste than the Viet type; sweeter. Still good though.

Overall, food was decent but service was a bit too long for lunch. If you’re looking for a quieter place with seats, Sabai is the way to go. I might consider coming to try their dinner menu as apparently, it’s tapa style and I can order their skewers!
If you want the packed, city vibe and have the luxury time to wait in line, it would be Khao San Road. If something in between the two, I would suggest Sukho Thai.

Sabai Sabai Kitchen and Bar
225 Church Street
Toronto, ON M5B 1Y7
(647) 748-4225

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