Estiatorio Milos @ The Cosmopolitan

One of my lunches at Las Vegas was at Estiatorio Milos in The Cosmopolitan (@Cosmopolitan_LV).
Milos have several locations around the globe such as at Montreal, New York, Athens, Miami and Vegas. They aim to offer the best produce and seafood. I didn’t take a picture of the interior but there’s a side of the restaurant where they have baskets of fresh produce just displaying and they also have an oyster bar.
estiatorio milo
We made reservations online, it was quick and easy.
They only offered a $20.12 (I guess for the year 2012?) prix-fix menu for lunches.
estiatorio milo

I started off with the Fresh Diver Scallop Skewer w/green bell pepper, sweet onion & couscous
– Pretty good. But this could not be compared after my amazing dinner at Picasso.

My friend got the Tomato Salad with feta cheese, seasoned with Greek herbs & extra virgin olive oil.
– Very fresh produce. Just amazed at how Vegas ships all these fresh ingredients in everyday.

Lavraki Grilled Mediterranean bass
Bass was served rather interesting. As Asian, I’m used to eating fish like that where it’s sliced opened with bones and skin. So this wasn’t a turn off to me or anything but to a lot of others, it may be. I think their presentation can be better. But I loved it with lemon and capers.
lavraki bass

My friend had the Honjake Salmon with steamed vegetables
Good too. But portions was quite small and you can’t really go wrong with salmon.
estiatorio milos salmon

The other main was Nova Scotia Deep Sea Lobster Pasta w/ light tomato sauce
It was a $15 supplementary. However, it was just mediocre. Not worth the extra money.
lobster pasta

For desserts, I had the Walnut Pie with Kaimaki ice cream
– It wasn’t really a “pie”… more like a cup/muffin? But the kaimaki ice cream was quite interesting. Sort of like a yogurt.
estiatorio milo walnut pie

Yogurt Martini
– Similarly, nothing spectacular about this but it was quite light and refreshing from the heat outside. 🙂
estiatorio milo martini yogurt

Overall, with just $20 for lunch, it isn’t that bad around the area. Portions weren’t that bad, depending on what you pick. The key is to not supplement for anything aside from the set menu if you are looking to save costs.

Las Vegas – The Strip. Inside Cosmopolitan.
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 698-7930 Milos on Urbanspoon


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