Solo Sushi Bekkan

solo sushi
I’ve been to Solo Sushi a couple of times but just never had a chance to write a review. Solo Sush have 2 locations, Solo Sushi Bekkan in downtown Toronto and Solo Sushi Ya in Newmarket (approximately an hour drive north of Toronto). Both locations are relatively tiny but offers authentic and delicious sushis.

They also offer $55 omakase menus, for approximately 4-5 dishes. It’s great but I would rather spend $55 picking what I want instead. From my past omakase experiences here, it took a full 2 hours to eat an omakase menu. They really take their time to serve each plate, approximately 30 mins for each. To me, it’s  rather too long and it just makes me extremely hungry/grumpy when waiting. If you are looking to try an affordable omakase menu, Solo Sushi would be the place.

Japanese Fresh Shrimp
japanese shrimp

Sushi from Omakase menu
solo sushi

My recent visit for lunch, I ordered their Lunch Specials where it came with soup + salad and 4 nigiri sushi + 3 spicy tuna sushi + 3 california sushi.
solo sushisolo sushi

The sashimis on the sushis were really fresh. I also really liked their rice, it had a good mix of vinegar in it and it was tightly packed too. The sushi will not collaspe when you pick it up with your chopsticks.
solo sushi lunch
solo sushi lunch

On the side, I also ordered a set of Tuna Tata. It was diced tuna with some sort of sauce mix; appetizing and yummy! This may look small but it’s actually quite a bit for an appetizer. The freshly made wasabi made  it even better!
solo sushi tuna tata

My lunch came to approximately $18 including tips and tax. Unfortunately, they don’t take credit cards for their lunch specials, so bring enough cash! If you are planning to come here, try to make reservations as well, it is a small place that probably sits around 12-15 people.
It was a relatively expensive lunch but it was worth it to me! I would recommend it if you are trying to have some good sushis (highly recommend it instead of the cooked food!) or if you wanted to try a small omakase experience.

Solo Sushi Bekkan
3 Grosvenor St
Toronto, ON M4Y1A9
(416) 925-3388

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